Group Sessions Available for New and Existing Clients, May 2018!

College Students

  • Performance and Academic Problems
  • Anxiety and Stress Management
  • Small focused groups (3 to 5)

    Pain & Chronic Medical Conditions

  • Pain Management
  • Lifestyle Adjustments
  • Medical Management
  • Small focused groups (3 to 5) 

New Clients require an Initial Individual Session for assessment & placement. Call (850) 577-0511 for additional information.




 Welcome to Chamomile Psychology, PLLC! A comprehensive private psychotherapy practice, with an intense belief that every client is unique and important, offering unique access to psychotherapist and various treatment options. Every psychotherapy treatment is personalized to each individual's unique needs. Psychoeducation is emphasized in each personalized treatment as Dr. Collins recognizes the need for better insight into a client's symptoms. 


Read Dr. Collins' statement below:

"I believe it is important to provide a relaxed and supportive environment for clients to discuss their concerns. I strive to provide psychotherapy, psychological consultations, and clinical assessment that promote well-being, personal growth, increase in skills/knowledge base, and effectiveness for clients. I provide Cognitive-Behavioral therapy treatment to adolescents and adults with a variety of problems, including anxiety, depression, parenting, defiant/oppositional behavior, trauma, relationship problems, management of illness, and pain management. I also conduct psychological consultations for assessment and behavioral medicine consultations for surgeries and/or medical treatment needs.
An ideal client is open to active participation in psychotherapy sessions, building a skill set that would be practiced in session and outside of session. An ideal client will recognize the importance of consistent sessions and openly discussing obstacles to change and progress in treatment. I feel comfortable working with clients of diverse backgrounds. I look forward to helping you discover your life balance."